Save the Disposable Masks For Frontline Workers & Support Local Long Term Care Facilities

We at 29 Shield encourage you to buy reusable, washable masks like ours. This will help save disposable masks for frontline and hospital staff and is much better for the environment.

 In addition, when you purchase a mask from 29 Shield we will be donating a mask to a long term care facility on your behalf.

Copper, 29Cu

Armor Series: Copper Infused Cotton Masks

Armor Series: Organic Cotton Copper Infused Mask

The Copper Difference

Copper Infusion Research

Copper ions demonstrate antimicrobial activity against a wide range of microorganisms. It is also the first and only metal registered with these properties by the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Infusing copper into the material of our face masks proves to eradicate 99.9% of pathogens when it comes in contact, called “contact killing.” This proves to combat harmful bacteria such as MRSA, Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumonia.

For More Information Visit 

● US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

● Journal of Molecular Pharmaceutics &; Organic Process Research: Copper
Nanoparticles as Antibacterial Agents

● Lab Roots: Copper-Coated Uniforms to Reduce Hospital Infection Rates

About 29 Shield

29 Shield is a family business bringing together the ancient sterilizing benefits of copper to help protect and reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. This is done through creating face  masks using layers of copper infused material. The antimicrobial agents in copper eradicate 99.9% of pathogens, protecting your body from harmful bacteria.